A Quick Review About The Book Of Ra Slot Game

In today’s world, not many people get to notice the difference between a classic and a novelty when it comes to slot games. Book of Ra is one of those established brands that has been around for longer than we care to count. This slot game made a successful transition from old-fashioned brick and mortar slots to virtual staple found in nearly every online casino around the world. Most people still get access to the game using online platforms and devices such as computer desktops and smart devices.

How does the Slot Work?

book of ra
The mechanics behind Book of Ra are very basic when compared with more complex games out there offering a wide range of winning combinations, however, the simplistic nature of the game is where most of its appeal resides. The game is programmed to offer certain bonus features granted on almost every roll so you keep going until you lose track of time. The five reels and ten pre-programmed pay lines make for a number of combinations that will keep you looking for the lucky strike that grants you the jackpot.

How does the Slot Look?

When it comes to aesthetics, Book of Ra makes major honors to its namesake. The game is designed to offer a narrative heavily based on Egyptian symbolism that submerges you on an adventure based on archeological discoveries. Traditional hieroglyphics are used on the reels rather than the classic symbols you have seen used in slots most of the times. While they might seem random, there is an actual history behind these and most of them are strategically placed to make the screen as attractive as it can be for players.

How does the Slot Play?

When it comes to bonus features, Book of Ra it’s not shy about offering added value for the time and money spent on it, one of the most sought-after bonuses (and one that is often delivered by slot) are the Book of Ra symbol delivered on the screen on any position. Hitting three of them on any place of the screen grants the player with ten extra free spins that give the player more chances to keep playing and winning. An expanding symbol will also be chosen for you by the slot when you start to play if you manage to hit it on a winning combination the payout will increase.

How does the Slot Pay?

Book of Ra is one of those slots that still offer the player the chance to experience the ultimate rush in the form of a 50/50 gamble. Any player that hit it big can walk away with doubled earnings by using the gamble strike. You can either play safe and collect, or take the risk and collect big time. Of course, there is also the risk of losing everything on a single stroke. It all comes down to the type of player you are. Let yourself enjoy the Egyptian imaginary with Book of Ra, you will not regret it!

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