Quick Tips on How to Play Funky Fruits Slot Play Online

When it comes to gambling it’s a worldwide phenomenon that is loved by all. As a result of technological advancement in the 21st century, there has been a slow shift from land-based gambling to online betting.

One of the online gaming casinos that have proved to be quite a hit with the people is Funky Fruit slots. This new game has massive improvements from its predecessor Funky Fruits Farm, giving a completely new look and features that are loved by millions.

Funky Fruits Slot Machine

It was officially launched in May 2013. Fruit theme video slots are quite popular with this slot machine; the game is played on a 5×5 which is an upgrade from the original 5×3. Developers from Novomatic have made efforts to ensure the popularity of fruit-based video slots never diminishes.

fruit slots

The minimum bet that you can stake is 1£ while the maximum is12.50£ while, on the other hand, the payout percentage if 94 quite decent right?


If you ask any person what is their dream while playing this game, 100% of the responses will be to win the jackpot. In order to win a portion of the jackpot, you are required to match 8 or more cherry symbols.

You can win the jackpot if you only land 8 or more cherries with a bet of 10 credits it will be your lucky day, the stars will have aligned in your favor. If you land less than 8 cherries, don’t be discouraged there are still plenty of winning on your way.

If you hit 7 your claim is x2,000 if you hit 6 its x500 while 5 it’s x50.


Before playing choose an online casino that has extra additional bonuses, select the kind of perks that you want. In this game there are fixed offers and limited bonuses, just as casinos are different also the bonus on offer are different, always choose the one that is suitable for you.

If you are looking to perfect your style of play, there is a funky fruit-free version that you can lay without betting, surely that’s a no-brainer!


The non-jackpot symbols can lead to a huge payday especially if you land 9, 10, 11 or more symbols. The most desired and rewarding one is the grumpy lemon, and for each lemon, you find in quick successive the pay is x100 for nine, x150 for 11, x250 for 13 and a whooping x5,000 for 16 and above.

The least rewarding symbol is the watermelon, the payout is as follows x2 for ten, x7.5 for 13 and x50 for 16 and above. Landing on other symbols like plums its x100, pineapples its x50 and lastly the orange is x1,000.

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