Why TMS?

We are project management experts! What types of translation projects do you need to complete?

Websites – In the climate of today’s global economy, businesses need to be able to compete worldwide. TMS is eager to assist you with your global marketing endeavors. Website translation is quickly becoming an indispensible necessity.

Advertising and Marketing – With over 17 years experience in the advertising industry, we are an ideal partner for translating any category of marketing translation. We are well-versed in commercial, media and print production and offer the trans-creative services you’ll need to make sure your campaigns are relevant in the target languages as well.

Documents – Doing business in foreign countries or with persons whose native language is other than your own requires accurate, skilled translation. Don’t trust this important task to just anyone! Official documents of all sizes must be entrusted to professional translators only.

Packaging – Want to know what’s in the box? Your customers do! Providing product details in multiple languages assists purchasers in knowing what they’re buying, and multi-lingual instruction sheets and manuals teach them how to use it!

Signage – Help your patrons find what they’re looking for. Providing signs in multiple languages makes more potential clientele feel welcome.